Here is what previous students are saying:

"We decided to have un-medicated birth with our second child. We were eager to learn the Bradley Method®. Rachel was an amazing teacher!  She always had an awesome lesson and most weeks had a guest speaker come, which was great. She was there for us before, during and after birth for any questions or support.  I highly recommend taking Rachel's class and having a natural childbirth." –Sierra and Kellen S.

“Rachel did a great job providing us with the knowledge we needed to have a natural childbirth in a hospital atmosphere.  We were prepared to handle any and all situations that may have happened and felt truly empowered to take the lead role during our child's birth. “ -Ben S.

“I am so glad we met Rachel and know that this class was exactly what I needed to prepare myself for having a natural childbirth.  As a first time mom, I was so happy to have my husband as my coach and know Rachel played a huge role in preparing us both for this experience. Her excitement about natural childbirth and her care and commitment towards each of her students makes her the perfect teacher for any couple who wants to have a natural childbirth.” -Linda S.




















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