Refresher Course

This is exciting! I have been wanting to offer this service for a while and now I finally am! This course is for my second, third, etc., time parents who have already taken my class and just need a little refresh to add some pep in their step!

This is a modified private class dedicated to meeting your needs and making your best birth a reality! I will suggest a standard curriculum and you can add or subtract topics to meet your individual needs! It is driven by you.

Topics may include:

- stages of labor 

- relaxation techniques 

- comfort measures

- coaching

- Vbac's (vaginal birth after cesarean)

- fears and expectations

- birth plans

- welcoming your newborn

- breastfeeding


 You will have access to my online student center for further resources and be given handouts pertaining to your session at the class.  In this refresher we can discuss events that happened with your last birth(s), what could have been improved or what you would like replicate again, along things that you hope to achieve for the next birth.

Class cost is $200 for 2-3 hour session. If you would like to register just go to the register for class tab on the main menu and put refresher course in the comments section. 

I look forward setting you up for success! 

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