Testimonials for Placenta Services

When I had Galilee (my daughter) over 5 years ago, placenta ingestion wasn’t a well-known practice like it is today. I mean, yes people were doing it, but not that I knew of! Celebrities weren’t coming out talking about it, it wasn’t as mainstream as it is now, and I wasn’t as crunchy as I currently am, so I didn’t hear about it from anyone. After my first birth I had irrational crying here and there over things like “she was inside of me….and now she’s outside of me….and I want her back inside…but I don’t want that…and it’s not possible anyways…and I just want to hold her…blah, blah, blah” = irrational.  TMI alert -I also had a horrible and I mean horrible time healing “down there”, my body rejected my sutures and it took more than 6 weeks to even start to feel back to normal. So when I was pregnant with Levi I decided to give it a try after he was born. After his birth I had my placenta encapsulated the TCM way and I took the pills. It was that simple. And guess what - I felt AH-MAZING. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t irrational, I had plenty of milk and I felt fantastic. I tore more than I had with my daughter  - thanks to him coming out Superman style with his hand up above his head – but I never had any discomfort or issues with healing, it was so easy the second time around! I couldn’t believe it! I would even feel so wonderful some days, that I didn’t think I needed to take my “happy pills”. Let me tell you, those days got rough; I would start getting agitated, weepy and feel overwhelmed and sad for "no reason". The reason is called hormones. Then Haven would appear in front of me with the pills and call me out on not taking them. Ha! Sometimes he would bring me pills and a beer. They do pair rather well together, if I do say so myself. So anyways…long story short for me they made a huge difference.

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