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Hello, hello! I am Rachel, the owner and passionate creator of Purely Birth.

My journey into the birth realm began with the pregnancy of my daughter Galilee. Haven, my husband, and I decided to take a childbirth education class called “The Bradley Method”. My sister–in-law and brother-in-law had taken the class and said how informative it was. Then she mentioned that it was about natural – unmedicated – birth and I’m not going to lie…that freaked me out a little. I didn’t fully buy into it at first, maybe because I didn’t think that I could really handle that. I mean don’t get me wrong it sounded great in a perfect world that didn’t include pain…but I lived in reality.  We decided to sign up anyways and see what it was all about. After all, I have never been a fan of Western medicine (unless there is an emergency of course). It just doesn’t work very well with my body chemistry. Not to mention I didn’t want a giant needle going into my back and I did have a fear of being that ever so tiny category of women that get a horrid anesthesiologist and becomes crippled from wanting to not be bothered with labor pains. Do I sound dramatic? Maybe a tad. [but that seriously would be horrific] So, I figured worst-case scenario I would at least get info about the labor process and some tools to use during labor to help me manage discomfort …and then maybe get the epidural. Well by the second class I was all in. The class didn’t teach any hocus-pocus or gimmicks, no one was reinventing the wheel, it was logical.

 It all made total and perfect sense to me. As women, we are wonderfully created to carry life and then give birth to it, out of our vagina, without medications. Duh, right?! It’s a no brainer but somehow being surrounded with modern technology, media, crazy stories that we hear from co-workers, and rising cesarean rates we often forget that.

Galilee was born the Bradley way at Scripps La Jolla in 2008. I was in complete awe and wonder of how amazing birth could be, and that it didn’t have to be about me vs. the dreaded epidural. It could be about a beautiful experience. My husband supported me throughout labor - mentally, physically and emotionally. And I was able to calmly (that adjective usually isn’t used to describe me) manage the intensity with an understanding of the process, comfort measures, and the love and support that surrounded me.

 I couldn’t understand why everything I learned in the class wasn’t common knowledge, let alone knowledge to pregnant women. How did they not ALL know this stuff?! Why are people not talking about this? THIS is a big deal. This knowledge shouldn’t be a secret - I was determined to help spread the word. 

Giving birth to Galilee changed the trajectory of my life. Little did I know I was given more than one new purpose that day. Months after her birth I was still obsessed with the process and how wonderfully amazing it was – I decided to begin the certification process to be a Bradley teacher myself. It is the perfect job for me. I LOVE birth. I LOVE teaching. I LOVE talking to people and I super LOVE people listening to me. Ha! I became an instructor in 2010.  My horizons broadened even more than I ever could have imagined as I immersed myself in all things birth. Birth videos, books, social media, blogs, you name it  - if it had to do with birth I was watching or reading it. I was blown away with how much I didn’t know going into Galilees birth! [that is why I make sure my class covers everything possible]

One of the things that I was enlightened on was home birth, and how safe it was for low risk women. It resonated with me. The more I researched the deeper in love I fell. I decided that the next baby I had would be at home. In May of 2012 my son Levi was born. He was guided into this world by my hands, under water and into my arms. His birth was a form of worship. We were and are all blessed to be a part of it. Haven and Galilee were right by my side [out of the birthing tub]. And it was perfect. Can you imagine being so in LOVE with being IN labor and pushing a baby out of your body?! It CAN happen! It doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It can be wonderful. [in any setting] Honestly, I would love more children just so I can actually HAVE them. I don’t want to keep them, just birth them. I’m not crazy I promise. Birth can be that awesome. And that is my goal. To help you and your baby; your family, have an awesome birth. My passion is guiding couples to gain the knowledge they need so that they have their best possible birth experience. 

I wear many hats. When I am not teaching you can find me running around with my little ones, trying to talk to my husband while said little ones are demanding our attention, working on our brewery [yes – that is correct – we also love beer], doing something creative [ I love DIY stuff], cleaning my house like a crazy person [kids mess up everything], gardening [replanting whatever Levi or our dog Seamus dug up], encapsulating a placenta[don’t throw up], responding to emails, making something new with essential oils, reading more birth stuff, and probably not sitting down.


 And that’s a little bit about me!  


Rachel Harris

Owner of Purely Birth & Beer Brewing Company (yes, you read that correctly)

Bradley Method Childbirth Educator, AAHCC

Independent Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

dōTERRA independent product consultant


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