Bradley Method® Childbirth

Well you must be at least intrigued at the thought of a natural birth. Whether or not your intrigue comes from total excitement, or being totally terrified at least you are here. [If you are excited, that will be turned up a notch or two. If you are terrified, sit back, relax, and allow me to calm your fears a bit.]
I was in your shoes once. Pregnant. Curious. Freaked out. Excited. The list goes on. But, after much thought and research the buck did stop here. My husband, Haven, and I took a Bradley class when I was pregnant with our first baby, 6 years ago. It FOREVER changed our lives. And wouldn’t ya know it, I liked it so much I decided to teach this class myself!

Let me fill you in with the top 10 frequently asked questions:


1] What is the difference between The Bradley Method and other childbirth preparation methods?

My classes teach everything possible in regards to labor, birth and postpartum! Bradley classes urge couples to find what is comfortable for them in labor. While other methods seek to control the sensations of labor (emphasizing distraction as their primary labor control technique), Bradley encourages mothers to trust their bodies (emphasizing relaxed abdominal breathing and relaxation throughout labor). Not only is the information in my classes unsurpassed by other methods…I believe it is also unparalleled by teachers of this method.

2] My family/ friends/ banker/ dog walkers cousin twice removed/ strangers, are all telling me that natural birth is CRAZY/SCARY/PAINFUL/INSANE/POINTLESS and that I should just get the epidural and save myself from the agony of labor.

Well, funny you should mention that! I had, and most of my students have had, very similar if not exact encounters! You are NOT alone. And they don’t know what they are talking about. People can be SO confident in their ignorance. And it is so annoying. And, their ignorance mixed with pregnancy hormones and instinct can make this topic a very heated discussion. So, you can either nod and smile and “gasp” at how shocked you are at what they say and act like this is the first time you a hearing these things. Or, you can tell them to "bugger off" and not put their negative feelings on you and your baby. Now having gone through labor and birth I will say that it can seem like all of those horrible things if you don’t know anything about it, and don’t understand it. I would have for sure FREAKED out when I was in labor with my daughter - if I wasn’t prepared. I can’t even imagine what that would have been like! So they probably didn’t take this class and that is why they feel that way. As for the painful part…well it all depends. I wouldn’t exactly use the word "cozy" to describe it. But I wouldn’t use "pain" either. Pain happens when something goes wrong ie. Something broke, got twisted, injured. Birth is the one time in our lives as women that “pain” serves a purpose. Labor is unlike anything else. It is intense. It is powerful. It is YOUR body WORKING to birth your BABY. Nothing else. Nothing broken. Nothing wrong.   Don’t you worry - we will talk about this in class – a lot. It is a very crucial reminder. I like to remind my students that it is called labor for a reason; and that it is the possibly hardest work you will ever do. And that friend, is why you are rewarded with a baby at the end, nothing short of the best gift ever. ***I would not go through labor for an ice cream cone.

3] Who is this class for?

Any mom-to-be and her coach will find the instructions valuable. The eight in-depth classes teach techniques which are applicable in any birth location (hospital, birth center, or home) with any qualified birth attendant. Some of my students come to class knowing that they want an unmedicated birth. Others come just to learn the ins and outs of labor along with different positions and comfort measures to make them better prepared. 

4] What if I am single?

This class is not just for couples~ but it is partner coached. A partner is anyone! Family, friend, sigificant other, etc. If you do not have a parnter I encourage you to find support from a family member or close friend to accompany you in classes, as well as be with you for the birth. You can also hire a doula and see if they would be interested in attending classes with you! It is important to have someone else with you during pregnancy and labor for emotional support. The bottom line is that when you are in labor land it is difficult, if not impossible to remember everything that you have learned in this class. Also labor progresses much more easily if you have a nurturing and safe support person with you. Please contact me for more resources!

5] When should I sign up for classes?

For most couples, the fifth or beginning of the sixth month is the suggested time to seriously start training for labor and for their upcoming role as parents. The earlier you start, the better prepared you’ll be physically, emotionally and mentally. [I have had moms that are 8 weeks pregnant take this class]

6] Do you offer private classes?

Why yes I do! And geeeez they are growing in popularity. They are 4 sessions 2.5 hours each and held in Carlsbad. They come with everything the group class comes with, along with the individual attention at your preferred time and frequency. These classes are perfect for the jet setters of the world, or those who just don’t have 8 weeks before there little one is due to arrive.  Just send me a note here to check availability. As long as I do not have another class that day I will be able to accommodate your schedule. *Private classes are not available Sundays/Mondays. During the week I am available between 4:00pm - 8:00pm.

7] What if we have to miss a class?

No worries, I understand that things happen! This is why I have developed my online student center. You will have continuous access to class notes, handouts and more. I will also send you presentation that you missed during that class, as well as be available any time for questions or clarification on material.

8] How much is this situation?

My group classes are $375 and my private classes are $575. Both prices include a deposit to reserve your space(group classes $100, private classes $150), along with your student workbook, access to my lending library and a login to my online student center. Remaining balances are due at the first class meeting.

9] What if I do NOT want a natural childbirth? 

Usually when women say that they don’t want a natural childbirth, or that they do not feel strongly one way or another it is for one of two main reasons. First is that they don’t know enough about it to really form an opinion. The second is that they don’t want to commit to that idea but it scares them. They don’t have 100% confidence in themselves that they CAN do it and that they will be able to endure labor without medication. This may be from lack of support, naysayers, or a negative self-image, among other things. But I will tell you this. You CAN do it. Trying is NEVER failing. Birth is paramount. It is the most important moment in your and your babies entire life. It sets the tone for the relationship that you will have with your baby, your partner, yourself – your emotions, mental well being, your body. It is worth 8 weeks of your time to get educated on. Then make a choice – at least it will be an informed one! And yes, birth is unpredictable and sometimes plans of even the most confident laborers go off course. That is why my goal for my classes is getting educated to be able to make informed, evidenced based decisions along the way. Because when you know better you do better - in any situation.

10] What are the benefits of natural childbirth?

How much time do you have? There are SO many! It is hands down without contest the SAFEST possible method for both mother and baby. [true story one of my co-workers thought that it was dangerous and traumatizing for the baby to be born out of ones vagina = false] The process of preparation and the circumstances of birth can help cultivate strong family bonds.  With a natural childbirth you get to stay in control of your body! You get to move around freely without being constantly hooked up to machines and monitors. You experience far less interventions, and therefore risk, than the counterpart.  Did I mention the time? It is faster! Epidurals and other medications slow your labor – ain’t no body got time for that! Not only is all labor intensity gone immediately after baby comes out, but you can walk around like nothing ever happened– no worries of negative side effects of drugs; or coming down off of the medications. Your baby will be more alert, breastfed easier and get to bond with you right away –also without negative side effect that come with you receiving medications during labor. This is the way birth was meant to be and just because you don’t receive medications to dull your sensations doesn’t mean that you are suffering either. There are SO many ways to support and nurture mothers throughout labor. It’s just comes back to getting educated, having support, and prepparing for the best possible birth!


I will basically be doing nothing short of dragging my husband to this class, is that normal?
At first yes, but soon after that he will be day dreaming of this class! [I may or may not be exaggerating a tad] Let’s face it - most of the Dads in any childbirth classes are there because their wife signed them up and told them that they are going. Not saying that they are not supportive, but in this case 8 weeks is much longer than the typical hospital class. It may not be the way he envisioned his Sunday afternoons - especially during football season. So I applaud them because they totally deserve some gratitude. And don’t you worry; they make friends with each other and realize that they are not alone in this process either. They may be part of the birth team by default but they are an essential and vital part. So I want him to be prepared and educated so that he can best support you, and know that what you are going through is normal and good! An educated coach is a confident coach!
In a nut shell my Bradley classes :
-Are small enough for individual attention
-Include 8 weeks of instruction
-Teach you and your partner relaxation, physiology, nutrition, and parenting skills
-Emphasize good coaching techniques for labor and birth management with stress control
-Advise you how to be an intelligent consumer of obstetric services, emphasizing positive communication with birth attendants

As you may be able to tell…this isn’t just a job, this is a passion. My goal for my students is a positive birth experience. And the timeline for supporting them far exceeds their birth, because that is really just the first day of the rest of their life! So I am ALWAYS here for information, resources and support.




Purely Birth Childbirth Education by Rachel Harris services the following cities: Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Jolla, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Del Mar, Leucadia, Cardiff, Carlmel Valley, Soloana Beach, San Elijo Hills, Olivenhain, Rancho Sante Fe, 4S Ranch, Scripps Ranch, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, and San Diego, CA.

Carlsbad Placenta Encapsulation/ Encinitas Placenta Encapsulation/ Purely Birth Placenta Encapsulation by Rachel Harris services the following cities: Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Jolla, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Del Mar, Leucadia, Cardiff, Carlmel Valley, Soloana Beach, San Elijo Hills, Olivenhain, Rancho Sante Fe, 4S Ranch, Scripps Ranch, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, and San Diego, CA.

Carlsbad Placenta Encapsulation/ Encinitas Placenta Encapsulation/ Purely Birth Placenta Encapsulation is available for the following hospitals: Palomar Hospital, Pomerado Hospital, Scripps Encinitas, Scripps La Jolla, Sharp Mary Birch, UCSD Medical Center, Kaiser Zion. Fallbrook Hospital, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton & TriCity Medical Center.

Carlsbad Placenta Encapsulation/ Encinitas Placenta Encapsulation/ Purely Birth Placenta Encapsulation is available for the following birth centers: Babies in Bloom Birth Center, Best Start Birth Center, Tree of Life Birth Center, UCSD Birth Center, and Babies by the Sea Birthing Center.



dōTERRA Essential Oils

Check out dōTERRA products here!

Essential Oils. What can I say? They have saved my family from having to use Western medicine time, and time again. They are used alomst daily in our home - from personal care, to cleaners, to medical needs. They are insanely effecitve and actually beneficial to your body! No negative side effects! And one oil can be used for dozens of ailments. Now what kind of "over the counter" drug can do that?! 

*list of preg/labor and beyond coming soon! Send me a note here for any questions in the mean time! 

Placenta Encapsulation Services

Your Placenta – it’s not trash, it’s a treasure! So why not reap the benefits of it’s awesomeness?!

Even though you may have just heard about this weird thing people are doing, it has been practiced for thousands of years. And is practiced by almost every other mammal. Research has shown, and I have experienced first hand, the benefits of Placentophagy (ingesting the placenta). [Just to be clear, not just any ol’ placenta, but the one that you grew, mmmmk] Now that that has been established let’s talk about the benefits.

 Mother’s who ingest their placenta tend to have more balanced hormones, increased breast milk supply, increased energy levels, and a feeling of overall well being. The placenta is a hormone factory; responsible for sustaining your baby while it grows in the womb. It contains ample vitamins and minerals that can aid in combatting depression, as well as being rich in iron levels and protein. It can also help diminish postpartum bleeding and increase wound healing. Sounds too good to be true for something that just comes out after your baby right?! Well, it’s true! Research on placentophagy is still in early stages, but with what has been tested already, what I have seen from it [with both myself, and students] and logic, all lead to the findings that it does a postpartum body (& mind) good. 

Would you like to read testimonials? As well as my personal experience with encapsulation….? I thought so – here you go

 I had such an amazing experience with my "happy pills" and want to offer this awesomeness to everyone! That is why I decided to become an encapsulation specialist myself. I want new mamas to be able to enjoy their postpartum life, enjoy their new baby and not have to worry about healing, crazy emotions, lack of breastmilk, depression and fatigue, etc.

How do I opperate you ask - I perform placenta services out of my home and pick up from your birth place as soon after the birth as possible. My turn around time is less than 24 hours from pickup. After all the faster you have the goods, the faster you can start feeling your best!

**I operate under OSHA standards and have taken and passed Biologics blood pathogens course, in addition to having a current California food handlers permit. [As of now there are no government or state standards or guidelines for this service.] Encapsulating placentas is serious stuff. Let’s face it, whoever is providing this service needs to know what they are doing to keep both you and them safe 100% safe. For this reason I require STD blood work for all of my mothers so that you know that my equipment has never come into contact with these blood borne pathogens. I will not encapsulate without it. For this reason if you contact me last minute I will instruct you on properly storing your placenta until I receive documentation. *I do not encapsulate if the mother has a blood transmitted disease such as HIV or Hep B/C but would be more than happy to get you in touch with another specialist. 


Get on the calendar and let’s get this pre postpartum party started! Send me a little note here. Then just put down your non-refundable deposit via PayPal. I will then email you back with my contract, and we will go from there! 

The methods of encapsulation: 

TRADITIONAL CHINESE METHOD(TCM) ENCAPSULATION: $250 ($225 for my Bradley students)

This method of preparation is the most popular and used widely around the world. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques, where the placenta is considered a powerful and sacred medicine, (because it is). TCM holds the placenta in high regard and those who consume it are thought to be ‘drinking from the fountain of youth’…now who doesn’t want that?! In this preparation the placenta is steamed lightly over organic lemon and ginger. The lemon is thought of as an antiseptic and to also help distribute the placenta throughout your entire body, while the ginger has warming properties and is a facilitator for energy and good blood flow. TCM is thought to have tonifying, healing and warming properties. If your placenta has been frozen, this is the method of choice. All capsules used are vegetarian and capsules do not contain any additives, just the placenta itself.


RAW METHOD ENCAPSULATION: $250 ($225 for my Bradley students)

This method of preparation skips the steaming process all together and your placenta is set for dehydration while still ‘raw’. This process is only used within the first 48 hours after birth to ensure freshness. Many Moms who desire to increase energy levels and milk production immediately postpartum choose Raw. Other indicators for choosing raw would be: long labor, postpartum hemorrhaging, or history of poor clotting.  All capsules used are vegetarian and capsules do not contain any additives, just the placenta itself.

 The add on's :

SALVE: $45

 This add-on item is extremely popular because of it’s amazing versatility. Think of it as the ‘fountain of youth’ in a jar. Made from all organic ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, calendula and more, this lavish salve is infused with placenta powder and has calming, soothing and healing properties. This cream is perfect for face & body. Use it as a nipple cream, for hemorrhoids, perianal tearing, skin irritations, under eye cream or whatever else you may need it for! The salve can also be used on baby for diaper rash, eczema or other skin irritations. Now does this sound like a miracle cream or what?!


TINCTURE: $35 or 2 for $50

This has to be one of my all time favorite uses of the placenta! Talk about keeping the good times coming! A tincture is created with a couple of raw pieces of the placenta. They are then put in a glass 4oz. dropper bottle of 100-150 proof Gluten free alcohol. After 6 weeks the placenta is strained and the tincture is ready for use. Your tincture can be used when you need energy, times of transition and/or stress and hormone stabilization. Use for your returning menstrual cycle, or keep for menopause! The biological mother and daughter of the birthing mom can also benefit from the tincture as it has an almost indefinite shelf life if stored properly. Mom can also give to baby over 6 months for teething, stress or transition.



Didn’t want to eat it in lasagna? Ok then, you can drink it instead! A raw piece of your placenta is a great natural remedy for postpartum bleeding, works rapidly and often replaces pharmaceutical means of managing bleeding.  It is also an immediate placenta pick me up with all of the minerals, hormones and nutrients fresh and intact. For this selection l cut very small raw pieces of the placenta and individually package them in wax paper. To use: make your favorite smoothie or juice recipe, unwrap the wax paper, toss in that placenta…and blend! It’s that easy. Mother’s report that the taste is unnoticeable and the benefits are amazing! With this method you will be supplied with 14 ‘smoothie pieces’. Meant to be taken twice a day for seven days.   


PRINT: $15

Yes, that’s right…Placenta Art. Did things just get weird(er) for you? Don’t be afraid. It’s actually quite amazing and beautiful. What better way to remember and reflect on your baby’s time inside the womb than being reminded of it daily. (Depending on where you display it. ) Right? The print makes a great addition to nursery décor or as a sweet keepsake. The placenta and cord are documented in the print. If the cord is long enough I can spell out LOVE, or babies’ initials.  It is paint free, created on acid free paper and laminated. I can also create the print on canvas with a sealant.

(Canvas prints upon request, and an additional $10).


Carlsbad Placenta Encapsulation/ Encinitas Placenta Encapsulation/ Purely Birth Placenta Encapsulation by Rachel Harris services the following cities: Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Jolla, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Del Mar, Leucadia, Cardiff, Carlmel Valley, Soloana Beach, San Elijo Hills, Olivenhain, Rancho Sante Fe, 4S Ranch, Scripps Ranch, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, and San Diego, CA.

Carlsbad Placenta Encapsulation/ Encinitas Placenta Encapsulation/ Purely Birth Placenta Encapsulation is available for the following hospitals: Palomar Hospital, Pomerado Hospital, Scripps Encinitas, Scripps La Jolla, Sharp Mary Birch, UCSD Medical Center, Kaiser Zion. Fallbrook Hospital, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton & TriCity Medical Center.

Carlsbad Placenta Encapsulation/ Encinitas Placenta Encapsulation/ Purely Birth Placenta Encapsulation is available for the following birth centers: Babies in Bloom Birth Center, Best Start Birth Center, Tree of Life Birth Center, UCSD Birth Center, and Babies by the Sea Birthing Center.




Purely Birth encapsulation services have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to prevent, treat or diagnose any disease, illness or symptoms. Clients understand that they are assuming all risks and benefits on their own profound belief of the placenta's healing and nutritional properties.

Refresher Course

This is exciting! I have been wanting to offer this service for a while and now I finally am! This course is for my second, third, etc., time parents who have already taken my class and just need a little refresh to add some pep in their step!

This is a modified private class dedicated to meeting your needs and making your best birth a reality! I will suggest a standard curriculum and you can add or subtract topics to meet your individual needs! It is driven by you.

Topics may include:

- stages of labor 

- relaxation techniques 

- comfort measures

- coaching

- Vbac's (vaginal birth after cesarean)

- fears and expectations

- birth plans

- welcoming your newborn

- breastfeeding


 You will have access to my online student center for further resources and be given handouts pertaining to your session at the class.  In this refresher we can discuss events that happened with your last birth(s), what could have been improved or what you would like replicate again, along things that you hope to achieve for the next birth.

Class cost is $200 for 2-3 hour session. If you would like to register just go to the register for class tab on the main menu and put refresher course in the comments section. 

I look forward setting you up for success! 

About Me

Hello, hello! I am Rachel, the owner and passionate creator of Purely Birth.

My journey into the birth realm began with the pregnancy of my daughter Galilee. Haven, my husband, and I decided to take a childbirth education class called “The Bradley Method”. My sister–in-law and brother-in-law had taken the class and said how informative it was. Then she mentioned that it was about natural – unmedicated – birth and I’m not going to lie…that freaked me out a little. I didn’t fully buy into it at first, maybe because I didn’t think that I could really handle that. I mean don’t get me wrong it sounded great in a perfect world that didn’t include pain…but I lived in reality.  We decided to sign up anyways and see what it was all about. After all, I have never been a fan of Western medicine (unless there is an emergency of course). It just doesn’t work very well with my body chemistry. Not to mention I didn’t want a giant needle going into my back and I did have a fear of being that ever so tiny category of women that get a horrid anesthesiologist and becomes crippled from wanting to not be bothered with labor pains. Do I sound dramatic? Maybe a tad. [but that seriously would be horrific] So, I figured worst-case scenario I would at least get info about the labor process and some tools to use during labor to help me manage discomfort …and then maybe get the epidural. Well by the second class I was all in. The class didn’t teach any hocus-pocus or gimmicks, no one was reinventing the wheel, it was logical.

 It all made total and perfect sense to me. As women, we are wonderfully created to carry life and then give birth to it, out of our vagina, without medications. Duh, right?! It’s a no brainer but somehow being surrounded with modern technology, media, crazy stories that we hear from co-workers, and rising cesarean rates we often forget that.

Galilee was born the Bradley way at Scripps La Jolla in 2008. I was in complete awe and wonder of how amazing birth could be, and that it didn’t have to be about me vs. the dreaded epidural. It could be about a beautiful experience. My husband supported me throughout labor - mentally, physically and emotionally. And I was able to calmly (that adjective usually isn’t used to describe me) manage the intensity with an understanding of the process, comfort measures, and the love and support that surrounded me.

 I couldn’t understand why everything I learned in the class wasn’t common knowledge, let alone knowledge to pregnant women. How did they not ALL know this stuff?! Why are people not talking about this? THIS is a big deal. This knowledge shouldn’t be a secret - I was determined to help spread the word. 

Giving birth to Galilee changed the trajectory of my life. Little did I know I was given more than one new purpose that day. Months after her birth I was still obsessed with the process and how wonderfully amazing it was – I decided to begin the certification process to be a Bradley teacher myself. It is the perfect job for me. I LOVE birth. I LOVE teaching. I LOVE talking to people and I super LOVE people listening to me. Ha! I became an instructor in 2010.  My horizons broadened even more than I ever could have imagined as I immersed myself in all things birth. Birth videos, books, social media, blogs, you name it  - if it had to do with birth I was watching or reading it. I was blown away with how much I didn’t know going into Galilees birth! [that is why I make sure my class covers everything possible]

One of the things that I was enlightened on was home birth, and how safe it was for low risk women. It resonated with me. The more I researched the deeper in love I fell. I decided that the next baby I had would be at home. In May of 2012 my son Levi was born. He was guided into this world by my hands, under water and into my arms. His birth was a form of worship. We were and are all blessed to be a part of it. Haven and Galilee were right by my side [out of the birthing tub]. And it was perfect. Can you imagine being so in LOVE with being IN labor and pushing a baby out of your body?! It CAN happen! It doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It can be wonderful. [in any setting] Honestly, I would love more children just so I can actually HAVE them. I don’t want to keep them, just birth them. I’m not crazy I promise. Birth can be that awesome. And that is my goal. To help you and your baby; your family, have an awesome birth. My passion is guiding couples to gain the knowledge they need so that they have their best possible birth experience. 

I wear many hats. When I am not teaching you can find me running around with my little ones, trying to talk to my husband while said little ones are demanding our attention, working on our brewery [yes – that is correct – we also love beer], doing something creative [ I love DIY stuff], cleaning my house like a crazy person [kids mess up everything], gardening [replanting whatever Levi or our dog Seamus dug up], encapsulating a placenta[don’t throw up], responding to emails, making something new with essential oils, reading more birth stuff, and probably not sitting down.


 And that’s a little bit about me!  


Rachel Harris

Owner of Purely Birth & Beer Brewing Company (yes, you read that correctly)

Bradley Method Childbirth Educator, AAHCC

Independent Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

dōTERRA independent product consultant


Student Center

In this section you will find;

  • Couse content
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Natural childbirth education teaching The Bradley Method®.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

My classes will educate and empower you to have a safe, natural and beautiful birth experience. All while having your husband or partner trained as your incredibly informed "coach", who will support, advocate and care for you and baby throughout the process. What could be better?

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